100% Commitment

100% traceable and verified cocoa beans

Since 2008, we have been supporting cocoa bean sustainability and traceability in our supply chain through the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program. We are delighted that in 2020, after 12 years of groundwork, we achieved a major milestone: 100% of our sourced cocoa beans are traceable and externally verified by an independent third party. This is a major step toward our target to source all cocoa products (beans, butter, powder, and chocolate) through sustainability programs by 2025.



For Lindt & Sprüngli, traceability begins on the cocoa farm and does not end until the beans reach our production sites. We select only cocoa beans from countries and farmers which are part of our own sustainability program – the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program. For cocoa beans, Lindt & Sprüngli follows the "identity preserved" traceability approach. This highest level of traceability guarantees that the cocoa beans from the Farming Program are always physically processed and transported separately from all other beans and can be traced back to their origin. The traceability of our cocoa bean supply chain is the key foundation of our Program for improving living conditions in the growing countries in the long term. As a bean to bar manufacturer, we have built up extensive expertise, in areas ranging from the selection of high-quality beans and technological know-how in the processing of our own cocoa mass to chocolate production at our own factories. This is a differentiating feature that still distinguishes us as a premium manufacturer today.

Traceability is crucial to have a real impact. We need to know who produces our cocoa and what the conditions on the ground are to be able to support farmers and their communities with the right actions.


The Farming Program activities have been verified by the non-profit organisation Earthworm Foundation since 2015. The organisation independently verifies the activities, processes, and effectiveness of the Farming Program on-site at least once a year and supports Lindt & Sprüngli and the local implementation partners in developing action plans for further improvements.

«Having the necessary distance to interpret the Farming Program, we are in a credible position to assess success, key learnings, challenges; and guiding Lindt & Sprüngli and its partners towards a deeper supply chain transformation.»

Bastien Sachet - CEO Earthworm Foundation