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  • Traceability:

    Traceability makes it possible to trace cocoa beans back to their place of origin. This is a prerequisite for Lindt & Sprüngli to take on responsibility for sustainable cocoa cultivation in the countries of origin. For cocoa beans, Lindt & Sprüngli follows the "identity preserved" traceability approach. This highest level of traceability guarantees that the cocoa beans from the Farming Program are always physically processed and transported separately from all other beans and can be traced back to their origin.

    Lindt & Sprüngli cocoa beans are 100% traceable and externally verified since 2020.

  • Trinitario:

    Fine cocoa beans and one of the three main cocoa bean varieties. A hybrid of the Criollo and Forastero varieties. Named after Trinidad, its place of origin. Grows in South America, on various Caribbean islands and few other places.