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  • Farming Program:

    Name of the sustainable programs of Lindt and Sprüngli (Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program) for the farmers to apply good agricultural, social, environmental and business practices in the management of their farms. These measures have a positive impact on the agricultural development in origin countries. The key to develop to improve the living conditions in the village is traceability of the cocoa beans.

  • Fermentation :

    Process to make cacao beans start developing their flavors. Fermentation is a natural, post-harvest process. It converts the sugars in raw cacao beans to alcohol, eliminates the germ, and develops the necessary elements that modify the composition of the beans so they will yield the characteristic flavor and aroma of chocolate during roasting.

  • Fine flavored cocoa:

    High-quality cacao with more nuanced flavors. Usually from the Criollo and Trinitario families.

  • Forastero:

    One of the three main types of cocoa beans. The most commonly grown cocoa variety that makes up 90-95% of the world’s harvest. It has a high yield and is resistant to disease. Forastero cacao is widely grown in Africa. Also named bulk cocoa.